Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 18-22

Writing:  We will continue to prewrite and draft personal narratives with a beginning, middle, and end.  We will complete our district On-Demand Writing Assessment.

Spelling and Grammar: said, these, they, our, very, with, went
We will continue nouns by working with singular and plural forms.

Reading: Students will compare the plots of fiction stories written by the same author.

Math: Students will practice place value through a variety of problem solving activities. There will be some challenges for kids who are really solid on the concepts and some time for review for kids who still need more practice.

Science: Our focus this week is comparing how heat causes change in different materials.  We will plan and conduct several experiments, and discover some surprising outcomes.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11-15

Writing:  We will prewrite and draft personal narratives learning strategies to ensure that our stories have a true beginning, middle, and end.  

Spelling and Grammar: after, because, over, have, saw, then, there, what
This week we will learn about nouns, both common and proper.  The students will need to know the difference between the two and be able to capitalize the proper nouns.

Reading:  Reading: In Reader’s Workshop we will be focusing on main characters and setting. We will also be comparing and contrasting stories by the same author.

Math: Continuing our place value study, students will learn what numbers are odd and even, get a refresher on greater than/less than, and practice skip counting from different numbers. This is something you could practice at home easily!

Science: Classifying Matter…. Students will sort objects by observing physical characteristics such as relative mass, relative temperature, texture, flexibility, and whether material is solid or liquid.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

September 4-8th (No School Monday)

Club Information Night September 7th at 6 PM

Writing:  We will learn how to respond to journal prompts as a form of prewriting.

Reading:   This week we will DIVE into connections...making sure we are making deep connections to help us understand our story and stay away from surface connections that might distract our thinking.

Math: We will start our unit on place value. Students will work on place value with a variety of hands on activities including Place Value Concentration. Students will solve addition problems and answer showing understanding of place value. Answers will be written in standard, expanded, and written form. A variety of challenging activities will be provided for children with an already good grasp of the concepts.

Science: Classifying Matter…. Students will sort objects by observing physical characteristics such as relative mass, relative temperature, texture, flexibility, and whether material is solid or liquid.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

August 28-Sept 1

Writing:  We will continue to review the parts of the writing process-brainstorming, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing.

Reading/Social Studies:   We are continuing to establish the routines, habits and the foundation of our Reader’s Workshop. We are continuing to build stamina in our independent reading and how to choose books appropriately for one’s self. Students will also be learning about “schema” or background knowledge. Students will analyze what they know, their prior knowledge, can help them understand and create meaning when reading new books. At the end of the week ask your child to explain the following connection codes: T-S, T-T, and T-W. (Answer: T-S=text-to-self, T-T=text-to-text, T-W=text to world)

Math: Students will continue learning about and making graphs. They will know the 5 parts that make up a graph- title, number, categories, and 2 labels.

Science: It’s all about science safety!  Students will learn our science safety expectations and the importance of keeping a science journal.

Friday, May 19, 2017

May 22-26

Writing:  We will focus on mini-projects with a summer topic.

Reading:   Students will participate in various “Reading Challenges” using all of their Second Grade comprehension skills.  

Math: For the first part of the week, we will move into a discussion on personal financial literacy where students will learn all about appropriately spending and saving money!

Social Studies:National Parks Research- Need a summer vacation idea?

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 15-19

Writing:  We will be writing from multiple perspectives/points of view. in reading and in writing we will do a National Parks Research Unit! I am looking forward to this!!

Grammar: We will be reviewing grammar skills from the year.

Reading:   We will be continuing our drama unit. We will be having play practice and making props. We will all be ready for Hollywood by the end of the week.

Math: This week we will introduce the concept of division by discussing the connection of repeated subtraction. Students will model, create, and describe division situations in which sets of concrete objects are separated into equal groups.

Science:   We will observe the life cycle of several different insects, recognizing that the baby grows up to look like the adult.  We will also get to observe our own mealworms as they transition through the pupa stage, to the adult stage.